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Server Space is the fifth episode in Season 2 of the HBO series Silicon Valley.


Richard is suffering from night sweats, and is told by his doctor if his stress level remains high he will begin bedwetting. Richard begins searching for office space, thus separating work and life and accommodating for growth. The team tours an office neighboring a modeling agency, leading Dinesh to suggest leasing it. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson is more concerned with grudges than innovation at Hooli XYZ, blatantly ignoring Bannercheck's concerns about Bighead's progress. Bannercheck resigns and Bighead becomes the sole Head Dreamer of Hooli XYZ.

Richards asks the team to begin setting up servers, and they learn all of the major hosting providers have blacklisted Pied Piper due to Hooli threatening to cease business with them. Gilfoyle mentions that the providers would eventually be unable to meet their needs and suggests building the servers himself. The parts can be purchased if the team does not lease the office. The team agrees to stay in the house.

The delivery truck for the parts draws suspicions from their neighbor Noah, who is adamant about the neighborhood only being for families and pets and threatens to turn them in to the City Inspector, especially after a mistake by Dinesh temporarily cuts power to the neighborhood. He is forced to back down after Erlich and Richard discover he is keeping ferrets illegally in his backyard and also lease his guest house to Jared, who has been sleeping on a cot in Richard's room and speaking German in his sleep.

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