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Season Six

  Season Six  

Premiere: October 27, 2019 — Finale: December 8, 2019 — DVD: Silicon Valley The Complete Sixth Season    
Summary: Richard gets to create his decentralized internet, catching the attention of old friends and foes.

There’s this book, ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ that I really love a lot. It’s a kid’s book, but I think it’s actually kind of profound. In the book, the toy rabbit asks another toy what it means to be real. The horse who he’s asking says that real happens when somebody loves you for a really, really long time. I think in a strange way, when you’re acting on a television show, it’s sort of your job to love a character until they become real. Real to the other actors, real to the audience. You love these characters into reality and then you have to say goodbye. And it’s not that easy.
Zach Woods

The sixth and final season of the television comedy series Silicon Valley originally aired from October 27, 2019, on HBO to December 8, 2019, in the United States.





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File:Artificial Lack of Intelligence.jpg    "Artificial Lack of Intelligence" October 27, 2019
Directed by: Mike Judge - Written by: Ron Weiner

Richard is questioned by Congress regarding data collection and promises that Pied Piper will never collect its user data and that they are creating a decentralized internet. Jared begins to worry about all the new changes, as he is no longer working with Richard closely and his office is on the other side of building. Richard learns from Colin that they are indeed collecting data from their customers, including recording their conversations via their gamer headsets. Hooli's merger with Amazon is approaching and Gavin is furious to learn that their properties will be rebranded. Richard has Gilfoyle use his new compression and inference API to index all the recorded conversations. Wanting Colin out, Richard and Jared blackmail him with the indexed conversations which detail Colin's terrible behavior which includes stealing from the company. However, Colin turns it around on them and impresses his board members by presenting the API as a fantastic tool for data mining. Jared returns to the Hacker Hostel where he meets Gwart, a new programmer.

File:Blood Money.jpg    "Blood Money" November 3, 2019
Directed by: Mike Judge - Written by: Carson Mell

Colin has inserted ads into Gates of Galloo. Jared resigns from Pied Piper, now that the company has significantly changed. He instead wants to help Gwart, the eccentric new programmer at the Hacker Hostel. All of Hooli's major apps have been consumed by Amazon and Gavin is given three months by his board members to recoup their investments. Pied Piper's head of HR, Tracy, tricks Gilfoyle into catching up on his backlog of work. Tracy tries to assign Gilfoyle five coders, but he insists on doing all the work himself. At a charity event, Monica and Richard bump into Laurie Bream, who is now the CEO of YaoNet and has moved the company to the US. Richard later speaks with Maximo Reyes, a shady Chilean businessman who is interested in Pied Piper. The next day, he offers Richard $1 billion for 10% of Pied Piper. Richard asks Monica for advice, but she leaves the decision to him. Richard goes to the Hacker Hostel to ask Jared for advice, but once Richard insults Gwart, Jared chases him out of the house. Richard then meets with Maximo who makes it clear to Richard that he wants to invest in his company but they will mine data.

File:Hooli Smokes!.jpg    "Hooli Smokes!" November 10, 2019
Directed by: Liza Johnson - Written by: Sarah Walker

Richard declines the $1 billion offer from Maximo much to the chagrin of Dinesh and Gilfoyle. The move was meant to gain enough money to move Pied Piper forward without Colin and his data-collecting online game, their main source of income. However, Colin ends up selling his game to Maximo. Pied Piper thus loses both of them. Distraught, Richard walks through the park only to bump into his arch-rival Gavin Belson, head of Hooli. Gavin's multi-billion dollar search giant is on the verge of collapse. Richard spills his troubles to Gavin and proposes they help each other. Gavin declines and leaves to use the information he learned from Richard to buy out Gwart's app. Horrified, Jared then approaches Pied Piper with the details of the buyout which reveals how little Hooli is valued these days. Richard proposes they buy Hooli. While Gavin is participating in a triathlon, Richard and the Pied Piper inner circle rush to the Hooli board members to get them to sign the buyout.

File:Maximizing Alphaness.jpg    "Maximizing Alphaness" November 17, 2019
Directed by: Liza Johnson - Written by: Daisy Gardner

Pied Piper has taken over former tech giant and rival Hooli, and with it Richard's former manager, Ethan. Although valuable for his tech and leadership skills, Ethan publicly mocks Richard by bringing up embarrassing incidents from his days as a new Hooli employee. Richard takes Dinesh's advice to assert his role as CEO. Monica, after successfully negotiating Pied Piper's buyout of Hooli, seeks to join a 'Women in Tech' forum. Although she has no desire to join female empowerment groups, it includes her former boss Laurie and other influential movers and shakers. Gilfoyle must manage former Hooli employee John, who may be his equal. Meanwhile Hooli's founder and former CEO, Gavin Belson has left the tech world to write a romance novel. Jared, whose troubled childhood in a series of abusive foster homes is often alluded to, finally meets his birth parents.

File:Tethics.jpg    "Tethics" November 24, 2019
Directed by: Pete Chatmon - Written by: Lew Morton

Richard is incensed that after years of standing up to Gavin Belson on ethical issues, he has been one-upped when Gavin creates the "Tethics" pledge. Richard vows to expose Gavin's hypocrisy while his co-workers and advisers urge him to sign the pledge. Meanwhile. Gilfoyle and Monica are accused of being bad managers. They engage in a contest to see who can win the favor of their co-workers. Jared has returned to Richard's side and is now attempting to gaslight his former protege Holden. The brash and ultra-confident billionaire investor Russ Hanneman returns to Richard to convince him to install free internet infrastructure for his RussFest event.

File:RussFest.jpg    "RussFest" December 1, 2019
Directed by: Matt Ross - Written by: Carrie Kemper

Pied Piper is turned down for a massive deal with AT&T and Richard keeps the news a secret, just as the company is gearing up for RussFest, a festival in the desert funded by the brash, impulsive billionaire Russ Hanneman. Richard promises that Pied Piper can create an entire infrastructure for the festival using his unproven decentralized internet concept. This includes running all systems on the network including using smartphones for all purchases such as pay toilets, food and water plus a giant hologram of Russ. But the network keeps slowing down during the festival causing fears of a total failure which could result in a blackout with angry, rioting festival-goers. Meanwhile, Jared cannot stop thinking about Gwart, the eccentric genius programmer he served before she was hired away by Pied Piper's rival YaoNet. Jian-Yang creates a fake girl's coding camp as his latest unethical scheme, using Pied Piper's name and claiming to be original Pied Piper investor Erlich Bachman.

6x7 Main photo.jpg    "Exit Event" December 8, 2019
Directed by: Alec Berg - Written by: Alec Berg

Thanks to Richard using an AI to self-improve Pied Piper's network, the company closes a deal with AT&T. However, days before the launch, Richard notices a discrepancy with the network's data transfer system. Gilfoyle tells him the AI has improved the efficiency of the network so well that it learned how to decrypt several strong encryption schemes, potentially threatening global privacy. The group decides to intentionally botch the launch by shipping faulty code, Dinesh excluded. At launch day, Gabe reverts the code, forcing Dinesh to upload the faulty code by himself. Pied Piper's launch is a failure and shuts down as rats flood the streets of major cities worldwide. In a documentary 10 years later, Richard is now a professor at Stanford University, Big Head is Stanford's president, Dinesh and Gilfoyle own a cybersecurity firm, Monica works for the NSA, Jared works at a nursing home, Gavin Belson is a romance novelist, Laurie is serving time in prison, and Jian Yang has stolen Erlich's identity and fled to a foreign country with his fortune.