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Season Five

  Season Five  

Premiere: March 25, 2018 — Finale: May 13, 2018 — DVD: Silicon Valley The Complete Fifth Season    
Summary: Richard gets to create his decentralized internet, catching the attention of old friends and foes.

It felt like a breakup with HBO. The final phone call was them going like, "Well, I don't think this is the end of Erlich. I still want to see him on television," and I was like, "I know but I think this is for the best." HBO has never treated me as an employee, always as a collaborator. They were understanding and said, "Look, if you really think that this is the move and that you'll be able to produce an hour special for us sooner than you would have if you were on the show, and if you feel right now under the current administration that you need to do stand-up because you need to be talking to the American public, then we support that." So they were very, very cool about it, and that final conversation was super friendly and sad. It was heartbreaking on my end.
T.J. Miller

The fifth season of the television comedy series Silicon Valley originally aired from March 25, 2018, on HBO to May 13, 2018, in the United States. This marks the first time that the show aired in March, rather than April.




  • Chris Williams as Hoover
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Russ Hanneman
  • Ben Feldman as Ron LaFlamme
  • Bernard White as Denpok
  • Andy Daly as Doctor
  • Emily Chang as herself
  • Ping Wu as Henry
  • Tzi Ma as Yao
  • Scott Prendergast as Scott
  • Jill E. Alexander as Patrice
  • Anna Khaja as Rachel
  • Rachel Rosenbloom as Becky
  • Chris Aquilino as Danny


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S05e01.jpg    "Grow Fast or Die Slow" March 25, 2018
Directed by: Mike Judge - Written by: Ron Weiner

Since Pied Piper has more than enough funding and a new workplace, the pressure to get things right frustrates Richard and forces him to develop Pied Piper in a way he hadn't arranged. A critical Dinesh and Gilfoyle question their capacity to use sound judgement. Since coming back to Hooli, Gavin worries about becoming antiquated.

220px    "Reorientation" April 1, 2018
Directed by: Mike Judge - Written by: Carson Mell

Richard faces challenges while trying to unite new employees; Jian-Yang goes to court; Gavin is questioned over his signature.

220px    "Chief Operating Officer" April 8, 2018
Directed by: Jamie Babbit - Written by: Carrie Kemper

Richard faces challenges while trying to unite new employees; Jian-Yang goes to court, and Gavin asks for advice on the signature on the Box 2.

220px    "Tech Evangelist" April 15, 2018
Directed by: Jamie Babbit - Written by: Josh Lieb

The COO of a world class company asks to move to Pied Piper. At the same time, Richard deals with a lawsuit from the smart fridge company that Gilfoil hacked to it fridge.

220px    "Facial Recognition" April 22, 2018
Directed by: Gillian Robespierre - Written by: Graham Wagner

Attempting to woo a gaming company to PiperNet, Richard inadvertently angers a prized ally; Dinesh deals with a betrayal; Gavin leaves his underlings with a cryptic message; Jared gets inside information from Big Head.

220px    "Artificial Emotional Intelligence" April 29, 2018
Directed by: Matt Ross - Written by: Anthony King

Richard decides to help when Laurie gets in a jam, but his lack of emotional discipline threatens to backfire on Pied Piper; Gavin tries to make a deal with a stubborn partner while abroad; Dinesh relishes a rare win; Jared bonds with a surprising figure.

220px    "Initial Coin Offering" May 6, 2018
Directed by: Mike Judge - Written by: Clay Tarver

Richard gets unsettling news as the Pied Piper guys prepare to close their Series B funding. Meanwhile, Gilfoyle suggests a risky proposition; Dinesh goes to great lengths to compete with a coworker; Jared keeps an eye on Richard's new assistant; and Gavin tries to charm small-town America.

220px    "Fifty-One Percent" May 13, 2018
Directed by: Alec Berg - Written by: Alec Berg

The launch of PiperNet finds Monica suspicious of an early success, and the team must race against the clock as their future is threatened. Realizing he's made more enemies than friends, Richard makes a surprising move.