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"I'm just gonna say it. This guy fucks. Am I right? 'Cause I'm looking at the rest of you guys, and this is the guy in the house doing all the fucking. Am I right? You know I'm right. This guy fucks."
―Russ referring to Jared Dunn

Russ Hanneman is a billionaire and a secondary character in HBO's Silicon Valley. He is a proud to tell people that he's a member of the three comma club, an exclusive club for people whoes networth is in the billions though its never stated if this a real club or something he's invented.

He waves his money around, buys and drives around in neon colored sports cars, has rather tacky fashion sense (wearing designer jeans decorated with studs) and generally possesses no class.


Russ Hanneman is an multi-billionaire who made his fortune by his company which he states "put radio on the internet" during the early years on the Internet. He remains in Silicon Valley, now acting as a invester who invest in tech startups. Whilst he sees himself as a hotshot innovator, the rest of the VPs see him as more of a joke whoes simply just coasting on his one good investment.

He is first seen in season two when Pied Piper is looking for investers after their sucess at TechCrunch. He endes up funding Pied Piper, but proves to do way more harm than good. In one episode he comes to the Hacker Hostel and accidentally deleted massive amounts of data from their servers, costing them a deal to store data for a porn company.

On the other hand whilst he has caused promblems for Richard and Pied Piper, he has solved problems for the company over the years. When Gavin sues Pied Piper in order to scare off all the other VPs in Silicon Valey, it's Russ that steps in and invests when no one else would. It is also Russ that pushed Richard to think about what project he really wanted to work on, which pushed him to work on the New internet idea.