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Richard Hendricks
Richard Hendricks
Portrayed by: Thomas Middleditch
First appearance: Minimum Viable Product
Last appearance: Built a brilliant but unusable product
Date of birth: 1988
Home town: Unknown
Occupation: CEO and founder of Pied Piper and PiperNet


I always knew I was missing something, and then when someone explained the concept of ‘game’ I remember very distinctly thinking ‘That’s what I don’t have.
— Richard Hendricks, "Fiduciary Duties".

Richard Hendricks (played by Thomas Middleditch) was the CEO and founder of Pied Piper as well as PiperNet, and is currently a Gavin Belson Professor of Ethics in Technology at Stanford. Before founding Pied Piper, Richard was an employee of Hooli. At work he was often an antagonist to the brogrammers. While at Hooli, Richard worked on the Pied Piper algorithm. However, even though Richard created one line of code on the algorithm on a Hooli laptop which would mean that Pied Piper would be property of Hooli, Richard's contract with Hooli was void due to a clause preventing him from leaving. Richard continued to work on Pied Piper until its demise, but still was involved with Pied Piper projects such as PiperChat and PiperNet until the company would be shut down in 2019.


Though timid and nervous, Richard is an intelligent coder and very passionate about what he does. He can be a perfectionist and spends a lot of time making sure everything is fitting his vision, and has even refused to hire coders and date someone because of the way they wrote their code. His anxiety causes him to struggle with being a respectable figure to his friends, coworkers, and others he's in business with, and often becomes the target for bullying. However, as time goes on, he gains more confidence and becomes more abrasive and demanding.

Character history[]

Season One[]

I'd like for this company to be different than Hooli and Goolybib and all the rest, you know? Like, let's not turn this into a corporate cult with bike meetings and voluntary retreats that are actually mandatory and claiming for the world to be a better place all the time.

–Richard, "Minimum Viable Product".

Year synopsis

After founding Pied Piper, Richard left Hooli to develop the company and its algorithm. At TechCrunch Disrupt, he quickly realizes that Hooli's Nucleus project is going as planned, and will be better than Pied Piper. In a bathroom, Richard comes up with middle-out compression and wins TechCrunch Disrupt.

link={Richard Hendricks Season One/Gallery/Gallery[[Richard Hendricks Season One/Gallery/Gallery]]

"Minimum Viable Product": Richard founds Pied Piper and is stuck in a bidding war between rivals Gavin Belson and Peter Gregory.

"The Cap Table": Richard hires Jared Dunn to help develop a business plan for Peter Gregory.

"Articles of Incorporation": Richard must negotiate rights for the Pied Piper name.

"Fiduciary Duties": A drunk Richard gives Erlich Bachman a seat on the board and must figure out how to get him off.

"Signaling Risk": Richard keeps developing Pied Piper.

"Third Party Insourcing": Richard hires a prodigy programmer known as The Carver, but discovers that he destroyed Bank of America's systems on accident.

"Proof of Concept": Richard gets distracted by an ex-girlfriend at TechCrunch Disrupt.

"Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency": Richard comes up with middle-out compression in a bathroom and wins TechCrunch Disrupt along with $50,000.


Season One quotes[]

"Let’s just think different. Don’t 'think different,' that’s Apple."
―Richard, "Minimum Viable Product"
"I always knew I was missing something, and then when someone explained the concept of ‘game’ I remember very distinctly thinking ‘That’s what I don’t have."
―Richard, "Fiduciary Duties"
"I'm okay as long as I don't think about it."
―Richard, "Proof of Concept"

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