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Raviga Capital Management is an investment group founded by the late Peter Gregory and the main funding company of Pied Piper. More information can be found at the companies fictional homepage run by HBO, http://www.raviga.com/

Core Commitments

  • Share Only In Success
    • No profits will come to the partners until investors’ capital has been returned in full.
  • Be Accountable
    • All profits are returned to investors and not automatically reinvested.
  • Be Focused
    • The life of all our funds shall be strictly limited to 10 years at the most.
  • Share The Risk
    • All senior and associate partners are required to put 10 percent of their annual salary into one investment they advocate for.
  • Make Connections
    • We put you in the center of a bright and promising network. At Raviga, you are connected with an influential group of top entrepreneurs and global technology leaders, through peer workshops, meetup groups and leadership symposiums.
  • Freedom From Collegiate Contamination
    • We will raise no money for any of our funds from colleges or universities, which are as outmoded as medieval craft guilds and twice as predatory. (This stipulation was Peter’s, and out of respect for his memory Raviga continues to follow it.)[1]

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