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Pied Piper (company)

Pied Piper (company)    30px
Purpose : Former middle-out compression company, video-chatting app, and decentralized Internet — PHOTO ICON.png Gallery —Location details
First appearance: Minimum Viable Product

Visitors: Pied Piper employees

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Dinesh Chugtai

Pied Piper's first logo.
Pied Piper (PP) was a middle-out compression company based in Silicon Valley, California. Founded in 2014 by Richard Hendricks, it was most well-known for having achieved the highest Weissman score in history. The last CEO was Richard Hendricks. The company's first appearance was in the Season One episode Minimum Viable Product and has since served as the primary company for the series.


  • All of the exterior scenes at the Hacker Hostel were shot at 5230 Penfield Ave.



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