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Pied Piper was an American tech company based in Silicon Valley, California. The company was formed in 2014 by Richard Hendricks as a company to develop Richard's algorithm that he'd created. The company is best known to for achieving the highest Weissman score in history during their presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt. The company's first appearance was in the Season One episode Minimum Viable Product and has since served as the primary company for the series.


The Platform[]

In the first episode of the series Hooli employees discover Richard's algorithm and meet with Richard to try to buy it which leads to a bidding war with Peter Gregory. Gavin offers Richard $10 million for the company but Peter offers him $300K to help him to develop the company. Richard takes the offer and forms Pied Piper as a company to develop and release software built using the algorithm. The first thing that the company works on is creating a cloud based compression platform to allow users to compress and share their files between their devices. They build a platform which contains a neural net which means that the platform improves the more files that are uploaded.

The platform proves popular with people within the tech industry but unpopular with the general public who don't understand how to use it or how it works. Despite offering classes to teach users how to use it, the platform still is unable to get the required daily active users. The team panic and resorts to buying fake users which poisons the companies reputation with every VPs meaning that they aren't able to get any funding.

Piper chat[]

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Whilst the team was creating the platform Dinesh Chugtai uses the teams algorithm to hack together a new Video chat platform based around Hoolichat. His motive for creating Piper chat was to improve the image quality of Elizabet Kirsipuu video chat image since her image was poor quality due to her low internet connection. The team share invites to the platform with their friends who pass it along to others and the video chat soon proves to be popular. After the platform fails to get investors the team instead more the company focus to the video chat platform.