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Pied Piper is a startup company focused on "multi-platform technology based on a proprietary universal compression algorithm."



The company was started when Richard Hendricks, a software engineer who was working at Hooli, created a songwriter-oriented music app called Pied Piper that made it easier for songwriters to determine if their work infringed on other’s copyright. The app was created at the Hacker Hostel, a "tech incubator" at Palo Alto in the house of Erlich Bachman, an entrepreneur and founder of airline booking aggregator Aviato. Upon discovery of the revolutionary compression algorithm in the app by workers at Hooli, a short betting war for the company began between Gavin Belson and Peter Gregory. Richard chooses Peter's offer, which was a $200,000 investment for 5% of the company. Richard hires inhabitants of the Hacker Hostel to work for Pied Piper including ErlichDineshGilfoyle, and Big Head. Big Head was later fired because of a lack of purpose at Pied Piper.


The data compression algorithm is based on a "middle-out" strategy which allows for an exceptional Weissmann score up to 5.2.


core 5

name role
Richard Hendricks CEO (Minimum Viable Product - Two Days of the Condor) (The Empty Chair - Success Failure);

CTO (Founder Friendly - The Empty Chair);

Board Member

Erlich Bachman Senior Minority Owner,

Chief Executive of Physical Space (Landlord);

Chief Evangelist Officer

Dinesh Chugtai Co-CTO from (Minimum Viable Product - Founder Friendly);

Senior Programmer (Founder Friendly -)

CEO (Success Failure -)

Bertram Gilfoyle Co-CTO (Minimum Viable Product - Founder Friendly);

Senior Systems Architect (Founder Friendly -)

Jared Dunn Head of Business Development (The Cap Table -);

CFO (The Cap Table - Founder Friendly)

Board Member


name role season
Monica Hall board member 1-3
Big Head former employee (Minimum Viable Product - The Cap Table) 1
The Carver outside systems architect (Third Party Insourcing) 1
Carla Walton platform engineer (The Lady - Two Days of the Condor) 2
Jack Barker CEO (Two in the Box - Maleant Data Systems Solutions) 3
Jan "The Man" Spooner Director of Inside Sales 3
Keith Quinn Director of Northeast Regional Sales 3
Don Silveri Director, Global Accounts and Systems Integration 3
Doug Periera Junior Sales Associate (Shadowing Keith) 3
Dang aesthetic 3
Grozdan "Gleb" Georgiev Radin engineer 3
Sanjay Basu engineer 3
Elizabet Kirsipuu engineer 3

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