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Peter Gregory was a billionaire tech investor, and a main character in HBO's Silicon Valley.


Peter Gregory was one of Silicon Valley’s biggest investors and the main rival of Hooli’s Gavin Belson. Peter is known for advocating that adolescents skip college -- in fact, he offers to give students $100,000 to drop out of school and pursue their dreams instead. When Peter gets wind of Richard’s algorithm, he aggressively goes after it, offering $200,000 for a 5% share of Pied Piper albeit via different tactics than Gavin Belson.[1]

His mind works in an extremely different way and is able to see complex connections between unseemingly disconnected elements. For example, Peter was enticed with Burger King food and he derived, from examining the sesame seeds on the hamburger buns, the price of sesame seeds would spike when Cicadas in Myanmar and Brazil would decimate sesame crops, leaving Indonesia as the sole producer of sesame seeds in the world in 2014. This revelation forecasted a profit of $68 million from just a 10% spike in sesame seed prices.

Peter died while running after being startled by a gunshot during his trip to the Serengeti.

Memorable Quotes

"Thank you...Florida" (When he thanks rapper Flo Rida for introducing him)

"I find this displeasing."


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