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Hacker Hostel

Hacker Hostel    OFF PIED PIPER.png
Purpose : Home of Erlich Bachman and Jian-Yang, former headquarters of Pied Piper — PHOTO ICON.png Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Minimum Viable Product"
Residents: Erlich Bachman, Jian-Yang

Visitors: Pied Piper employees.

Yeah, I heard that. You guys live in my Incubator, you've got to network. That's why I brought you here."
Erlich Bachman, "Minimum Viable Product".

"Hacker Hostel" is the residence originally home to Erlich Bachman which he moved into after Aviato was bought out by Frontier Airlines for more than "seven figures". The apartment is located at 5230 Newell Road in Palo Alto and over the years has been the home to various members of the Pied Piper team. In 2016 and 2017 Pied Piper moves out to pursue an even bigger office, and in 2018 the estate was given to Jian-Yang. The house was eventually sold as part of Jian-Yang's estate sometime in the late 2020s.



The hostel is located on 5230 Newell Road. The house itself is a two bedroom residence with a kitchen, a dining area, a living room area, and one bathroom. At one point, Jared Dunn slept in the garage, which was the location of Anton before it was destroyed.


  • A VR tour of the hostel was released in 2018 for the HTC Vive and Oculus featuring some Easter eggs from the show.
  • Newell Road Strategic Technologies, featured in Exit Event, is named after the street the Hacker Hostel is on.

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