"A thorn tree bends in a rainstorm.
Seen through a window in a room painted white.
There is no furniture.
Massive Attack's "Mezzanine" album plays quietly.
Dang (né Dang Kadesadayurat) is Pied Piper's Lead Designer.


Dang, who goes by his first name only (like his inspirations Che Guevara, Moby, and Cher) has been disrupting the design process for tech companies in the Bay Area since 2011. He brings an artistic sensibility honed at the Bronx High School for the Arts, RISD, and the Seattle tagging crew ADL (Artistic Deviants Legion, not to be confused with the Anti-Defamation League.) His design stamp can be found everywhere from a leading brand of high-end dehumidifiers to the 2013 overhaul of the internal décor of Amtrak trains in the Northeastern corridor.

"Dang" means "valuable" in Vietnamese. And Dang's ambition is, through his art, to disrupt the very concept of "value."



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